College Admission Essays


Gaining a nice placement in colleges, universities and other institutions is the burning desire and passionate ambition of millions of students in high schools and fresh high-school lawyers who see themselves as prospective undergraduates. These categories of students fantasize constantly about the day they will become ‘greenies’ or the so-much hyped ‘fresher’ on the nation’s campuses.

At the end of every admission placement into colleges, millions have their dream realized while millions of others unfortunately have their hopes dashed even after writing fantastic college admission essays. For such people, the world crashes before their very eyes. What is it that separates the freshman from a high-school leaver? What are those things that ensure a smooth ride into college? Is it luck? Smartness? Money? High scores or sheer determination? Actually, it is a little of all these but, there is more to it than meets the eye. The following are tips that proven to very useful, effective and efficient over and over again. You want an admission? Then read on…

(1) Keep to application deadlines

It does not speak well of a prospective undergraduate to submit admission applications, scholarship or college admission essays and recommendation letters late after the official deadline had elapsed. To the admissions officer, this reflects shoddiness, tardiness and unseriousness. You are expected to be smart, alert and time-conscious. Many a prospective candidates have lost their placement simply for not working by the clock. You should not make the same mistake.

(2) Early processing of application

Although starting the application process weeks or even month earlier than colleagues is not a cock-sure guarantee for seamy a place in the university, it has its own advantages. It allows the students to have more time in carefully perusing all the application details, general instructions and regulations including the often-overlooked pieces of information. It also allows parent and loved ones to carefully scrutinize the application thus minimizing any errors or misinformation. So, starting early can brighten your chances. Do not wait until the eleventh hour.

(3) Proofread Your College Admission Essays etc

The admissions office of your favorite college might not have seen you before but can safely gauge the degree of your intellect. So, the essays you have been told to write either ranging from scholarships, tuition reduction or to the admission itself is not only a reflection of yourself but a very good avenue to convince the institution to admit you. Therefore, you have to self yourself well.

(4) Finish High School in Flying Colors

While this is not the only criterion for your entry into a college, it is nevertheless an important one. This is very crucial in countries such as Japan, United Kingdom and South Korea where admissions can be fiercely competitive. Woefully poor high school grades will only dim your chances of earning a place at the top. Strive to finish off with at least a 3.50 CGPA. This will ensure that you do not have to fear being turned down for poor academic record.

(5) Familiarize Yourself with the College

A very common phenomenon amongst undergraduates is that some of them get disenchanted with their colleges after a few academic sessions. That is a bitter afterthought. Some students even go as far as regretting their decisions. This is because most of them did not have prior first-hand information about the school they chose. In order to prevent this, when in high school you can organize a visit to that school you’ve always been dreaming of. You can even let your family members, colleagues or other loved ones accompany you on this act-finding mission. Once on campus, you can scan the environment, interact with students or even meet your future teachers!

(6) Show Your Gift:

If you are particularly gifted, skilled or highly-talented in any area like sports, music or games etc, you should never be afraid or shy to highlight these special or prodigious skills of yours in your college admission essays or application. They can really boost your chances. And who knows? You could be the next Mozart!