Protect the Beauty of Nature

When you think of nature what do you think of? Maybe a sunset, possible a mountain or even a puppy. The most beautiful aspect of nature is the fact it exist and we need to protect its existence if we plan on passing the beauty on to the next generation.

Stop for a moment and realize, absorb the beauty of nature. Yes, we need the functionality of the rain but think about the smell of fresh cool rain on a hot summer day, what a glorious smell the rain produces. Listen to the drops of water as they splash upon the ground; remember that without rain we do not exist. Nature is indeed spectacular and it is our responsibility to keep nature beautiful.

Are you doing your responsibility in keeping nature wonderfully beautiful? Take a moment and list the things you do to help the environment. Think about what you can do in your community to protect your water supply and other natural resources.

Nature requires that humans change lifestyles to accommodate and enjoy the beauty of nature. Don’t throw your bottles out the window of the car. Stop throwing cigarette butts along the way, pick up that piece of paper, nature’s beauty depends on us to keep it beautiful. Please do your part and the generations, which follow will enjoy the beauty of nature just as we do. Remember to protect the beauty of nature.

The beauty of nature is all around you even if you live the city. If the only thing you can see is a weed, remember the weed is a creation of God and it is beautiful. Protect the beauty of nature or one day there will not be any green weeds.

Salmon Depletion

In the Pacific Northwest, salmon were abundant in the rivers. Today it is extinct in 40 percent of these rivers. California, Washington, Oregon and Idaho have experienced the biggest impact of the declining population. In the United Kingdom, the population has been shrinking resulting in strict fishing quotas.

There are seven species of salmon, six Pacific and one Atlantic. The Pacific species are Cherry, Chinook, Chum, Coho, Pink and Sockeye. These species are born in fresh water, migrate to the ocean and return to fresh water to breed. Cousin to this fish is the steelhead or rainbow trout which breeds and resides in fresh water.

It is a popular food fish and source of omega-3. It is also the main source of food for many predators. The decomposed carcasses provide nutrients and fertilizers for trees. Global warming, El Nino, its complicated life cycle and overfishing have been attributed to its declining population.

Governments have been lax in controlling the amount of fish that can be caught. Only Alaska has established a program to sustain the salmon population. Overfishing led to depletion and the rise of fish hatcheries. The hatcheries would artificially raise the fish and release it into the wild. Inbreeding, parasites and disease increased causing the wild population to decrease.

Logging, agricultural practices, trash dumping and oil spills have created poorer water quality. This has impacted the delicate life cycle of the fish. Establishments of dams have caused changes to water flow. water temperature and not allowing the salmon to reach its birthing grounds. Warmer water temperatures have resulted in it migrating north delaying its return to its spawning grounds.

The salmon population can survive and eventually increase with proper environmental controls. Each element, overfishing, hatcheries, poorer water quality and dam building, must be be analyzed and managed to provide the fish with the right environment.

Finding a New Life is Easy with Online Correspondence and Vocational Schools

Many of us can get stuck in rut; so sometimes moving on means starting fresh, starting a new life with a new career or job. Sounds exciting? Well, it can be, and is for millions of young and old around the world.

There are plenty of careers out there and just as many online and offline vocational schools. Some of the more common programs you’ll find are Dental Assistant, Nursing Assistant, Medical Billing, Real Estate Assistant, Accounting Payroll, Business Law and many other careers. These classes are offered to the individual wishing to complete a credited or a non credited class online. After completing the required class, you will receive a certificate of completion. Upon receiving your certificate, you will be able to apply for jobs in that field.

Some people, who choose to take a couple classes at a time, find this way of learning more practical. You can transfer your credits obtained toward an Associate degree later on. Because of the type of classes offered, many of them are geared towards a continued education.

Finding a correspondence class online is as easy as finding an accredited college to obtain an Associate degree. There are many colleges that offer you an opportunity to learn online in many different vocational fields. These types of classes usually take about six months to complete. Your online class is structured for learning one particular class. There are discussion boards for classmates to converse about what they are studying and to ask questions that you may have. You also will have access to talk with instructors with online chat.

Once you have decided what field you would like to go into, you can contact a college or fill out an online registration form and email it to them with the appropriate funds. Because this is a correspondence course, you can just register and pay for it. Like many colleges, you can buy your required books and materials that are needed right from them. You will receive a notice in the mail or an email informing you of acceptance or denying admission.

Once you have been accepted, you can begin learning online. You will have weekly assignments and quizzes. Testing will be determined by the instructor before a class starts. You will be informed of the necessary information before starting the class. Because of type of class you are taking it may be necessary to participate in some interactive online classes. This will also be communicated to you before start of class.

Another great reason for these types of classes is, for students living outside of the United States can take these courses and earn the same certificate. This is a plus for foreign students or American families living in a foreign country, but wanting to take American accredited classes. There are so many different classes to choose from, that may not be offered other countries. Because of this opportunity you may also have a chance to interact with other students from other countries, giving you a wider perspective on other cultures.

Are You Ready To Break Free? Then Do This One Thing This Year

What sets this tiny minority apart from the rest, if I may tell you, is a combination of simple corrective action on steps taken purposefully! The recognition of the unwritten LAW that says ONLY ACTION WINS! The subscription to the PRINCIPLE that says your destiny is in your own hands. The undying determination to answer in the affirmative Brendon Burchards life and death question, Did I Matter? thus winning against all odds!

This tiny minority daily take action to radically reinvent themselves. They swallow their ego induced pride and seek out coaches. They take stock of the trends in the economy and reset the sails of their ship. Based on the information they sift from the deafening noise all around them, they plot strategies to master new skills, tap into rich mother lodes of networks that enable them to skyrocket their impact. All these require uncommon skills, months of learning, toil, trial, sweat and the precise understanding of the fact that knowledge alone is not sufficient and that other ingredients are necessary for success in a massive scale.

You could cut your learning curve by 5 to 10 years if you knew the right person to approach for help, joined the right network and positioned yourself appropriately. I learned this lesson some years back when I heard the billionaire philanthropist, Tony Elumelu, share the story how he moved with not even a wooden spoon in his mouth some 30 years ago, to the position where he has so many golden spoons today, he does not have enough mouth to put them. Tony said his mentor took a chance on him and as the cliché goes, the rest is history. Mr. Elumelu today runs one of the biggest philanthropic endeavors in all of Africa, the Tony Elumelu Foundation.

I decided to check out other billionaires and the biggest achievers, and what I found was indeed a revelation. This is what I found out from my mini-research: Warren Buffet was mentored by the economist, Benjamin Graham, Richard Branson had Freddie Laker as his mentor, Rich Schefren had Jay Abraham as his mentor, Bob Dylan was mentored by Woody Guthrie, Jeff Bezos had David Shaw as his mentor, and Tony Elumelu was mentored by Ebitimi Banigo. It’s also instructive to note that Bill Gates had his back covered by Paul Allen.

The simple lesson is that academic knowledge alone is not enough. If you’re ready to cut your learning curve by five to ten years, learn the appropriate steps to take, hone the requisite skills, and join the type of network that will enable you finish stronger going forward, then put on your running shoes and start scouting for a mentor, used here interchangeably with coach. If you’re ready to start constructing the roadmap that will radically change you, and position you amongst the one percent of top achiever in your own neck of the wood, wake up.

If you’re an expert, author, consultant, speaker, thought leader or an aspiring thought leader and want to reposition yourself in such a way that both individuals and organizations are willing to pay thousands to engage you to help develop and motivate their people at their annual retreats, workshops, conferences, and training programs, get a coach. If you’re ready to learn how to produce blockbuster products and build platforms that people are willing to pay thousands to buy and join, you don’t need to toil for twenty years, until you make it. There is a shorter way. Your mentor will show you the way.

Think about how your life could change if you could manage to position yourself in such a way that organizations would be the ones ordering their purchasing department to “get us that guy”, as Alan Weiss counsels, rather than you going cap-in-hand begging for patronage? Think about how your life could change if you could develop platforms people would be willing to pay you handsomely to be part of? Thousands are annually losing their jobs due to technological innovations and now is the right time to reinvent yourself. You cannot go it alone, you need a mentor, or call it a coach if you like.

The idea of mentorship is so crucial today due to global information overload. How do you sift out the golden nuggets from the terabytes of noise all around you? Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers, made the assertion that one needed 10,000 hours of deliberate practice, equivalent to about 10 years, in any field of endeavor, to reach the point of mastery. That may as well be the case if you’re learning a rare skill such as coding, Kung Fu, karate, or kickboxing. Indeed, these rare skills can today be learned by watching and learning from others on YouTube or Google, as the cases of Adilyn Malcolm, Amira Willighagen and Michael Sayman, who learned dubstep, opera, and coding, to the point of mastery respectively, show.

Coaching applies in all fields but it’s particularly critical in areas of self-mastery, thought leadership, and information marketing. Take information marketing. It hardly existed fifteen years ago. Who would pay for ordinary information fifteen years ago, which you could get free from any library? Yet the fastest growing industry in the world today is not banking, oil and gas or telecom, it’s INFORMATION MARKETING. It’s the reason why companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are today the most valuable and successful brands on earth. It’s the reason why Oprah Winfrey, Ariana Huffington, Peter Diamandis, and Brendon Burchard, to mention four, are among the most powerful thought leaders on the planet today. The reason is, whenever there is a paradigm shift, the playing field is reset to zero and the organizations and individuals able to quickly master the new era come up tops. Any wonder Bill Gates is one of the richest persons in the world today, Henry Ford was the richest during the industrial era, and Genghis Khan was the richest during the agrarian era?

In today’s world, advanced, fanciful educational certificates don’t matter much as they used to. Don’t get me wrong, education matters but not a paper certificate. What matters more today is imagination. What matters are the skills you’re able to hone! What matters is your ability to master the secret of the new world that is evolving at a mind boggling speed. Technology has leveled the playing field so anybody can join in, whether you’re a graduate fresh from school or you’re a veteran who has been on the job for 25 years with battle scars all over your body. Your mentor will be able to help you figure most of the things you need out.

If you’re ready to break free starting now, you need a knowledgeable mentor in the area of your interests who can show you how the world works. Don’t expect a quick fix. There is no miracle involved, only hard work, striving, and the willingness to hop unto the road less traveled. If you’re ready and willing to pay the price to earn the ultimate prize, don’t wait, enlist a mentor today. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You see, if you don’t change the way you live your life, the only thing you’ll unfortunately get at the end of the day will be regrets. No one wants regrets. Everybody craves to be better, richer, and healthier, but only action can guarantee that your wishes don’t remain just that, unfulfilled dreams! Get a selfless mentor today and break free from the crowd.

5 Resources That Are Diminishing Rapidly

A number of important global resources are diminishing rapidly, but relatively few people actually take time to think that through properly. Many that don’t think deeply, just miss the point, and don’t consider the subject a priority to be truly worth bothering with.

Hold it though! Just wait a moment now… Are those reasons actually sufficiently good to base a pretty important decision on? Was there enough info considered on which to base a rational decision? Your author thinks not.

Maybe that needs a little more contemplation… Could be we give some thought to the 5 reasons why perhaps you should be concerned about these 5 top resources that are diminishing rapidly and reconsider them.

To start off, we all need water, fresh clean water which is uncontaminated from pollution. I hear what you are saying when you indicate that where you live there is plenty of water. I quickly admit that is a very good point. But we’ve got to also look at this, that fresh water is a essential resource and yet in many countries there is not enough to go round, and due to pollution of watercourses and underground aquifers the amount that is available is diminishing rapidly. Moreover, consider that as the planet warms up, many areas of the world are forecast to become more arid, and the deserts larger.

Second, in our list of 5 resources that are diminishing rapidly is oil. That is because of the huge and ever growing demand for oil and the fact that most of the easily extracted oil has been used up already. That’s actually the reason that, as so many have noted, once the discovery of new oilfields, which engineers can extract oil from, ceases to match the demand, the amount of oil available for sale around the world will start to diminish. Many experts say that we may be at this point as early as 2040, or 2050.

Third, the world’s supply of wood is diminishing due to deforestation, especially in the Amazon River area of South America. And that will mean that all wood based products will become more expensive, and some of the poorer people won’t be able to afford them.

Fourth, another of the 5 resources that are diminishing rapidly are a number of the rare-earth elements which must be mined for electronic components to be manufactured for computers, and a huge range of electronic devices.

Fifth, the coral reefs of the globe are diminishing due to rising seawater water temperatures and and rising sea water levels. This will reduce available fish for food consumption as coral reefs when healthy provide a rich source of fish.

So just have a look at those points and examine them in your mind. All five reasons are persuasive factors as to why you really should be concerned about these 5 resources that are diminishing rapidly.

Just move that around in your thoughts for a little bit. Don’t you think that perhaps, just perhaps, you really ought to be concerned about these 5 resources that are diminishing rapidly?