The Top Five Cards for Valentine’s Day Tarot Readings

It’s Valentine’s Day.

Do you want to love and be loved?

Are you looking for a new love?

Or do you want to strengthen your existing love relationships with your partner, family and friends?

A Tarot reading is a great way to celebrate this special occasion. The Tarot will give you the information, guidance and direction you need to find your true love, or enhance the loving relationships you already have in your life.

Whether you are reading for yourself or others, these are the top five cards to look for in your sessions.

If you don’t want to do a reading, you can still tap into the power of Tarot for Valentine’s Day love. Simply use these cards as focal points to manifest or strengthen love in your life.

It’s simple to do. Place the cards you are drawn to in front of you, and look at them several times a day.

Know that the power of Tarot is creating shifts in both your inner and outer landscapes that will lead to success in your quest for love.

Or arrange one or all of these cards on your altar, bless them, and ask the Universe to align your love life with your highest and best good.

However you use them, these top five Valentine’s Tarot cards will help you manifest your dreams of love for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Let’s get started.

1. The Lovers

Does anything say let’s get naked more than the Lovers card? You really want to draw this card for your Valentine’s Day reading.

If it doesn’t show up, pull it from your deck and use it as a focal point to manifest love.

2. The Two of Cups

If you want to increase the harmony in your relationship with your loved one, this is the card for you. It will help make it happen.

3. Ace of Cups

Do you want to find love again? Or are you looking for a fresh start with an existing relationship? Let the Ace of Cups show you the way.

Aces are all about the potential of new beginnings. Let the Ace of Cups boost your love life.

4. Four of Wands

Are you tired of the roller coaster ride of wild, crazy and dysfunctional love? Then the four of wands is the card you want.

Peace, serenity, security and commitment–it’s all here inside four strong walls. The Four of Wands is ready to help you get there.

5. The Empress

The Empress is one hot mama.

The Queen of Queens, the Empress is the ultimate Alpha Woman. She’s telling you to claim and use your feminine power for love.

She’s also beautiful and sensual. She’s saying it’s time to let your Inner Sexy out to play. Go for it!

That’s it. I wish you success in using these cards to manifest love and enjoy loving relationships in your life.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Inanna XO

Music Industry Insider: Tess Taylor of NARIP and LAMN

Members of LAMN (founded in 1988) and NARIP (founded in 1998), are able to more quickly gain the insight, knowledge, and contact information they need for career development and career enhancement.

The success of both organizations extends well beyond their names – both LAMN and NARIP have members across the country and around the globe. Offices have opened in Canada, New York, and London, with additional cities getting in line.

Prior to Taylor’s development of these influential organizations, there was no formal entity that addressed the educational, networking, or mentoring functions necessary to nurture a new generation for the music industry. Each of these factors is important, but there is no doubt which one Taylor values most: “Networking is what this business – all business, really – is about,” she states. “If you want to get ahead, you’ve got to know people. You can be a genius but remain entrenched in obscurity and poverty unless you get out there and let people know who you are.”


LAMN is a multifaceted resource for newcomers to the music business, as well as an avenue for students to learn more about the industry and how they might break into it. LAMN sponsors industry gatherings, workshops and seminars with top executives from all areas of the music business.


To qualify to become a member of NARIP, you must be a professional in the record industry. “I realized that, beyond organizations like the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) which is a lobbying body that focuses on legislation, there wasn’t an organization that served the needs of those whose careers are completely in the record industry,” Taylor stated.

The Beginnings.

“The idea for the Los Angeles Music Network goes back to my first job in the business, with Avalon Attractions, a big concert promoter in Southern California,” says Taylor. “Every spoke of the music industry wheel comes together to make a concert happen. Here I was, fresh out of college, and I had access to just about every possible type of professional – from radio to press to record company personnel, from artist managers to the artists themselves.”

Taylor looked around for an association through which she could meet the people she interacted with on the phone. “I was very surprised not to find anything of real value, so I started putting together little meet-and-greets among the people I was dealing with,” she says. “At first, there were only about three or four of us, but it grew. That was the seed that led to my building the professional relationships I have today, not to mention the Job Bank and my mailing list. It’s the best in the business.”

Some of what LAMN and NARIP do overlaps, and Taylor regularly employs NARIP members for LAMN panels and other functions, and to mentor LAMN members. However, she is keen to provide the right kind of experiences for each group.

For NARIP members, her approach is to take on a continuing-education role. “We should never stop learning and, no matter how much experience we may have, there’s always something else or another point of view that we can absorb and appreciate,” Taylor says.


A classically-trained pianist, Taylor is also is an instructor, music business lecturer and speaker at institutions such as the Harvard Business School, New York University, the Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum, Berklee College of Music, University of California Los Angeles (Entertainment Studies & Performing Arts), University of Southern California, Academy of Contemporary Music (Guildford, London), California State University at Chico, Middle Tennessee State University, Music and Entertainment Industry Educator’s Association International Symposium (2000 and 2002), University of Hawaii, California State University at Pomona, the Pepperdine University School of Business and others. A popular guest speaker and participant in industry conferences internationally, she served as Conference Chair for Musicom4, a music technology symposium (1998), and as keynote speaker for Berklee College of Music Summer Conference (2003)

She is a consultant to InsideSessions, a joint venture between the Universal Music Group and Penguin Putnam, and sits on numerous international charity and industry boards of directors. She is a frequent talent judge at US and international talent competitions and has recently participated on panels for Universal Talent Prague (Czech Republic 2003) and for the Golden Magnolia International Song Festival (Baton Rouge 2003).

As a writer and contributor, her analyses have appeared recently in Billboard Magazine, Radio & Records, USA Today, Newsweek, Source Magazine, the Chicago Sun Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Daily News, Daily Variety, Musician Magazine, Wired, Lip Service Magazine, Los Angeles Business Journal and wire services such as Reuters Ltd., and in international business press (Capital Magazine [Spain], Challenges / Le Nouvel Observateur [France]). She has been a featured expert on National Public Radio’s “Hollywood Wrap,” the Fox News Channel, Samm Brown’s “For The Record” on KPFK 90.7-FM, Ira Fistell’s talk radio program on KRLA 1110-AM and in other news media.


Tess Taylor can be reached at (818) 769-7007 or via email at [email protected].

Sourcing a Reliable Translation Service Provider

There is free flow of information and resources across the globe today, generating a fresh demand for rendering information, technology and expertise in many different languages professional translation service providers.

It is estimated that there are over 4000 known languages spoken in different parts of the world. The free flow of data and resources to even the most remote places, thanks to the ever expanding Internet usage has resulted in whetting the appetite of people to acquire knowledge, expertise and technology in fields that were never open or available to them in the past.

If your company is doing business with an overseas client or supplier, your need for translation services may arise frequently. Even otherwise, the need for a good translation may often arise when you least expect it. Whether you’re in the business of banking, manufacturing or in the IT sector, there are times when business documents, letters or even operating manuals may have to be translated into English, German, French, Spanish, Mandarin or Japanese, or any one of the known languages depending on where you may be located.

A Swiss firm specializing in cosmetic products – made from rare herbs collected from the Swiss Alps – found it fit to hire the services of a translator residing in India to translate their web page content and operating manual from French to English. In another case, a French law firm acting as advisors to a company dealing in real estate development engaged an Asian English speaker to translate their estate development contracts into German, as the financing company had its head quarters in Germany! Thus there are private as well as corporate clients who require translation services from time to time, and they would certainly want to ensure that they are hiring the right company or individual for their translation needs.

The following are the key factors that determine a good business translation agency:

Credentials: It’s important to select a service provider with established credentials. If it’s an individual translator, is there anyone you know, who can vouch for the quality of his or her service? If it’s a translation service company, check to see if they have been established since long, what are the language pairs they offer, and the kind of industries they cater to. All this information will be available on the company website for sure.

Ethics: You can make a cursory check to find out the ethical values the service provider promises to uphold. Maintaining confidentiality of your documents is a very crucial aspect of the job. For instance, you may ascertain whether they provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Expertise: Does your translator or business translation provider have people with subject matter expertise? Mere knowledge of source and target languages will not suffice. For instance, a translator having some knowledge of finance may do well in corporate translation services, but may be all at sea if engaged in translating a treatise on stem cell therapy.

Localization: When translating product literature for printing a catalog or brochure, localization is vital to marketing success. Your business translation company must be briefed about the cultural beliefs and preferences of the target audience, and they must be able to provide appropriate localization services when rendering their final translation document. Only through localization can you achieve the right fit for your product in the new area within the framework of local laws and cultural norms, so that your audience will accept your product.

School Problems – Excelling in School

The pressure for children to excel academically has never been so much as compared to the olden days. Pressure is one of the common school problems kids are facing today. Young children in kindergarten and first grade are already under the pressure of meeting the academic expectation of their parents and teachers. Such pressure had never been felt by their parents when they were children. Tons of homework, regular class tests, examinations, and tuition and enrichment classes seem to leave very little time for play.

Young children may not be aware that they are undergoing enormous pressure and hence they may not communicate their problems to their parents and teachers. If they cannot meet the expectation and continue to fail even after putting in effort, they would tend to lose their self-esteem and give up hope on themselves. And if your children lost hope on themselves, you may have to need tremendous effort to help them gain back their self-esteem.

So why not apply the tips below to help your children excelling in school. I am neither talking about enrolling your children for more tuition and enrichment classes nor drilling them everyday. Tuition and drilling may help but the additional work may add on to the unbearable pressure on them.

1. Time Management

Teach your children to plan their time properly. Except for children who are too young whom you have to plan for them, older children and teenagers should be independent enough to plan their time properly. When they have proper time management, they will spend their time wiser, so that homework and revision can be done in time leaving enough time for other activities. Naturally, their pressure will become lesser and they will start excelling in school.

2. Enough sleep

Tuck your children up early. But of course before you can do that, time has to be managed properly. Preferably, children should be in bed at a specific time at night. Studies have shown that growing children need at least 10 to 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night. When a child has enough sleep, he or she will be more active and energetic to learn in school. And with fresh mind after a good night sleep, children are better in retaining information in their brains.

3. Breakfast is important

Ensure that your children have their nutritious breakfast before heading to school in the morning. If your children are sent to school without food, they can become tired easily and lose concentration, hence they may more likely to perform poorly. Beside a good breakfast, nutritious lunch should also be provided to last them for the entire day. Growing children get hungry easily and need to eat frequently. For better health and weight control, healthy meals and snacks are preferred.

4. Attitude towards learning and school

As parents, you have to make your children understand the importance of education and so, learning in school is one of the common routes towards getting educated. Educate your children and developed in them a positive attitude towards school. Positive attitude means getting up early in the morning feeling enthusiastic to get to school, to learn and to meet the teachers. When you children develop that love to learn, pressure will be gradually eliminated.

5. Be involved in your children’s learning process

Getting involved in your children’s learning process is very important. Get to know your children’s principal and teachers. Find out the latest events which are coming up in the school and if possible, volunteer to help out. With better understanding of the school’s activities, parents will be more aware of the existing problems or potential problems face by children. Thus, with better awareness, you can help to solve the problems so as to help them succeed in school.

Get to know what and how your children are doing is just one of the basic thing parents should be doing. You may not be aware but your children may be facing certain school problems and undergoing a lot of stress which leads to the dropping of grades. If they are really stress about school, apply the tips above to help them do better in school.

How to Choose a Dissertation Editor

It is nearly impossible for any doctoral candidate or academic researcher to edit her own written work. When you are so involved with your research and the written material, you are less likely to see typos, spelling errors, or confusing parts in your dissertation chapters. An experienced editor who is looking at your paper with a “fresh” set of eyes will be able to notice errors and improve any areas that could use improvement. Proofreading and editing are critical in the process of writing any document, and are particularly important for academic writers who are facing increased competition.

Professional freelance editors are great for any graduate student or Ph.D. candidate looking to improve a thesis, dissertation, or journal manuscript. Using a professional editing service can help you get better feedback from your adviser as you move through the stages of writing your dissertation, and can also help you craft your full dissertation into publishable articles. Even in cases where the ideas within a dissertation are innovative, important additions to the literature, a poorly written document could diminish the value of the document.

A professional editor can make sure your essay, research paper, thesis, or dissertation is easily understandable and free of errors. When choosing an experienced editor, it is important to choose someone who has familiarity with your topic, is responsive to your needs, and can provide quality editing. It is important to ask your editor to focus on what is important to you, such as focusing on APA style, ensuring an error-free document, or improving the flow of the document. An editor with an academic background is an added benefit since that individual is familiar with the general process of writing a dissertation.