5 Resources That Are Diminishing Rapidly

A number of important global resources are diminishing rapidly, but relatively few people actually take time to think that through properly. Many that don’t think deeply, just miss the point, and don’t consider the subject a priority to be truly worth bothering with.

Hold it though! Just wait a moment now… Are those reasons actually sufficiently good to base a pretty important decision on? Was there enough info considered on which to base a rational decision? Your author thinks not.

Maybe that needs a little more contemplation… Could be we give some thought to the 5 reasons why perhaps you should be concerned about these 5 top resources that are diminishing rapidly and reconsider them.

To start off, we all need water, fresh clean water which is uncontaminated from pollution. I hear what you are saying when you indicate that where you live there is plenty of water. I quickly admit that is a very good point. But we’ve got to also look at this, that fresh water is a essential resource and yet in many countries there is not enough to go round, and due to pollution of watercourses and underground aquifers the amount that is available is diminishing rapidly. Moreover, consider that as the planet warms up, many areas of the world are forecast to become more arid, and the deserts larger.

Second, in our list of 5 resources that are diminishing rapidly is oil. That is because of the huge and ever growing demand for oil and the fact that most of the easily extracted oil has been used up already. That’s actually the reason that, as so many have noted, once the discovery of new oilfields, which engineers can extract oil from, ceases to match the demand, the amount of oil available for sale around the world will start to diminish. Many experts say that we may be at this point as early as 2040, or 2050.

Third, the world’s supply of wood is diminishing due to deforestation, especially in the Amazon River area of South America. And that will mean that all wood based products will become more expensive, and some of the poorer people won’t be able to afford them.

Fourth, another of the 5 resources that are diminishing rapidly are a number of the rare-earth elements which must be mined for electronic components to be manufactured for computers, and a huge range of electronic devices.

Fifth, the coral reefs of the globe are diminishing due to rising seawater water temperatures and and rising sea water levels. This will reduce available fish for food consumption as coral reefs when healthy provide a rich source of fish.

So just have a look at those points and examine them in your mind. All five reasons are persuasive factors as to why you really should be concerned about these 5 resources that are diminishing rapidly.

Just move that around in your thoughts for a little bit. Don’t you think that perhaps, just perhaps, you really ought to be concerned about these 5 resources that are diminishing rapidly?